Free range eggs- and suckler cow husbandry
in Aldino

Südtirol | Alto Adige

»Respect for our livestock
is priority.«
Free range and suckler cow husbandry is a fundamental guarantee of the best quality.

The Eggerhof

In Aldino, a small town on the Reggelberg in South Tyrol, on 1200 m above sea level the Egger farm can be found.

Together with his family Nikolaus Lantschner has been overseeing the farm since 1998. The production of healthy food products has always been his primary goal.

Klaus understood how important eggs are in our diet and that is why he set his sights to produce free range eggs . Initially the farm had only 500 chicken but the steadily rising demand permitted to raise the livestock to 6000. The animals are divided in three groups.

Besides the free range chicken also the suckler cow husbandry has become a vital element to the Egger farm. In this form of husbandry, the calfs stay with the mother for the entire lactation and they are fed with the precious milk that is so healthy and important for them. All the cattle are led to pasture every day on the sunny meadows of the Reggelberg. They are free to move, sleep and eat wherever they want.

The feed comes from these meadows and the respectful handling of the landscape lets grow sound herbs that help to raise a healthy livestock. After 18 months the calfs are brought to the butcher in Aldino and the meat is being sold to the consumers.

The cattle on the Egger farm belongs to a special local race: the “Pustertaler Sprinzen”. This type of cattle is well known for its soft and short-fibered meat. By raising the calfs in a natural way the meat becomes aromatic and easily digestible.