Free range eggs- and suckler cow husbandry
in Aldino

Südtirol | Alto Adige

»We use only the best ingredients for our pasta. «
It is of major importance for us to have flawless products because we are searching the direct and familiar contact with our clients.

Our fresh egg pasta

Sound eggs are the basis for our high quality pasta. The chef Erich Gruber is specialised in this craft and produces the egg pasta for “Eggerhof”. The ingredients are chosen with great care and mainly the genetically unmodified free range eggs are used. Colorants and other additives are not part of the recipe.

Creating a cycle

The idea to create a healthy free-range-egg pasta sparked from a very simple thought: our farm should be a sustainable enterprise. A fraction of the free range eggs does not comply with the norms for direct sale; they are too small. That is why Klaus and Erich have decided to use those eggs for a different purpose. None of the eggs must be thrown away and instead they become high quality egg pasta.