Free range eggs- and suckler cow husbandry
in Aldino

Südtirol | Alto Adige

»The trust in our partners is the basis for our products. «
Local collaboration helps to keep our enterprise transparent and open.

The farmers from the Reggelberg

With the brand “Berghöfe Reggelberg” (mountain farms from the Reggelberg) Nikolaus Lantschner sells free range eggs from four other local producers. 6 eggs packagings (sizes M and L) can be bought in Conad, M-Preis, fam. Coop and Golmarket

Kohlstatt farm — Josef Santa

The Kohlstatt farm is located in Monte San Pietro, next to Pietralba, 1150 m above sea level. The advantageous location allows the cultivation of vegetables and fruits such as grapes, Goji berries and gooseberries. Josef has a chicken-livestock that counts up to 1200.
Code: 1IT 059 BZ 123

Reiterer farm — Hermann Thaler

The Reiterer farm can be found in Monte San Pietro too, right next to the Kohlstatt farm. Hermann has 1000 chicken and cultivates raspberries.
Code: 1IT 059 BZ 253

Rautner farm — Max Kalser

The Rautner farm is situated in Aldino not far from the Egger farm. Max has 350 chicken and also some suckler cows.
Code: 1IT 001 BZ 085

Unterweger farm — Franz Thaler

Also this farm is in Monte San Pietro in the proximity of Kohlstatt and Reiterer farm. Franz has 2000 chicken and some deer. He is an active beekeeper as well.
Code: 1IT 059 BZ 118