Free range eggs- and suckler cow husbandry
in Aldino

Südtirol | Alto Adige

»Highest Quality
of foods is indispensable. «
We are trying to create special products controlling precisely every aspect in our production and caring for the details.

Recommended by the chef

The chef and winner of numerous gastronomic prizes Helmut Bachmann values the pasta of Eggerhof: »Travelling the world with open eyes, understanding what nature can offer, preparing every product in the right way, the ideal basis for a delicious pasta with fresh tomatoes, asparagus ragout, sea food or venison is always the natural egg pasta of Eggerhof.« Auch der vielfach preisgekrönte Koch Helmut Bachmann weiss die Nudeln des Eggerhofes zu schätzen:

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White wine pasta
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“Schwoas” pasta
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Spelt whole grain pasta
Mountain pine pasta
Mountain pine pasta
Chestnut pasta
Radicchio pasta
Speck pasta
Lagrein Ondelle