Free range eggs- and suckler cow husbandry
in Aldino

Südtirol | Alto Adige

»We appreciate the direct contact with our clients. «
Five times per week we supply shops with our fresh free range eggs.

Where to find our products

Our free range eggs and pasta are being sold in all of South Tyrol and also in some parts of the Trentino. From Monday to Friday we bring our eggs directly to the smaller shops, to the butchers and the bakers. With the assistance of our intermediaries (like Foppa or Furlan) a part of the eggs goes to gastronomic enterprises, hotels, schools etc.

Small but mighty

Come to visit our shop in Aldino where we sell not only pasta and eggs but also other typical products from our region. You will find speck, cold meats, traditional bread, jams, juices, spices, cheese and many other products here.